Valentine's Day Menu

After a crazy cool and busy holiday season we have finally recuperated here at the Bakehouse and are in full swing festivitiousness (my own word creation after an all night bake session :) ). as we fill the world with a little bit of Valentine's and a whole lot of love!  The menu for the weekly markets has been accented with rose, blood oranges, and lots of pink and red sprinkles and mini hearts.  I have been having a lot of fun and wanted to share some of these creations in a limited menu for Valentine's week so you can have a little fun yourself!  All order placed can be picked up from February 10th through the 14th at my house or on the 13th from the Imperial Farmer's Market in Sugar Land.    Give me a shout if there is anyway I can help fill your celebration with a bit of love this Valentine's Day!


Christmas Menu!

The Christmas Menu has arrived!  As many of you know, I am at the markets during the month of November but I am spending Thanksgiving with Jack and not taking special orders.  However, for Christmas- we are going all out here at the Bakehouse!  You can find the menu below!  During the month of December I will be at the markets for the first 3 weeks but will probably only be doing special orders for pickup during the week of Christmas..  For those Christmas week, kolaches, croissants, brioche, and cookies will be by the dozen. Coffee cakes, cakes, pies and everything else will be family sizes for your festivities.  Orders will need to be placed by Monday for Friday/Saturday pickup.  Please let me know how I can make your celebration one to remember.  Merry Christmas everyone!  

Katy Rice Harvest Festival

In case you didn't read the last post, Bluebird Bakehouse is an official vendor at the Katy Rice Harvest festival coming up the 2nd weekend in October.  We will be there on both the 8th and the 9th all day so come out and see us!  We will have cake pops, marshmallows, fancy brownies, and gourmet caramel apples.  It's going to be a blast but will also require an entire weeks worth of production to pull off so we will not be at either the Sugar Land or Fulshear Markets this week nor will we be able to take any special orders.  We will be back to business as usual on October 15th and both of our markets.  


Happy Fall ya'll!!!  We launched a second market this past weekend at the Fulshear Farmers Market!  The people were great, the other vendors were awesome, the vibes were super chill...  However, it was brutally hot and sales were not were they needed to be to make this market permanent BUT we are not giving up just yet.  Our plans are to give the market the month of October and if all goes well, we would love to call Fulshear our second home.  

With the changing of the weather this week I have no doubt that October is going to be a rocking month at the Bakehouse.  With the addition of a second market and TWO festivals coming up this month, it is going to be quite busy here on the home front.  October the 8th and 9th we will be a vendor at the Katy Rice Harvest Festival and will not be at either Sugar Land or Fulshear Markets nor will be taking any special orders.  Instead, I will be dipping 1000 cake pops, wrapping 300+ caramel apples, cutting 250 (or more brownies) and wading my way through 50+ pans of holiday marshmallows.  

Speaking of holiday marshmallows... I just made my first test batches this afternoon and couldn't be more exciting to slice into them after they have had their 4 hour curing time.  The flavors you ask!???!?!??  Pumpkin Pie (with real pumpkin and pumpkin pie spice), Gingerbread (with flecks of candied ginger and molasses in the mix), Spicy Chai (real tea is brewed and fresh spices are coating every last inch of fluffy goodness), Peppermint stick (because I can't wait to put one in some hot chocolate), and Vanilla bean (for all the kiddos that can handle my crazy combos).  While I used a basic marshmallow recipe- all of the flavor additions were my own creativity in the works and I have no idea how the proportions of flavors are going to turn out- thought I would do a test run BEFORE making 50 pans of them for this next week at the festival.  You can buy one of my test runs at the markets this weekend for only $1 each.  Come on out and cast your vote.  





Here is the big debut menu for Fall/Winter 2016!!! It will launch next week on Saturday the 24th at the Sugar Land AND Fulshear markets! This weekend will be bakers choice at the Sugar Land market with the seasons final berry, lemon, summer bliss! After this final hoorah we will be all out pumpkin, ginger, apple, caramel and spice. Instead of posting each and every week I will select a few items from each of the offerings listed on the menu... so if you want something in particular- let me know by Monday and I will make it happen for the following weekend. Also, if there is something that I have made in the past that you know you want- with enough notice I can still make it for you. So give me a shout and I will get to baking! Pray for cold weather soon so I can start making candy, marshmallows, and candy apples that won't melt in this heat.

September 10th Market Menu

Happy Labor Day everybody! Here is the menu for this coming week. Keeping it simple without many changes while we get our new team members, LouAnn and Kelsey,rocking and rolling at the market. Come by and tell them hi. LouAnn will be the new face of the Sugar Land Imperial Market and Kelsey when will launching at our new location that will be announced very soon! Have a great day and if you need to place an order for pickup send it my way!

September 3rd Market Menu

The Labor Day weekend menu is ready! It is seriously taking all my self control to not blow up the weeks baking with pumpkin, ginger, apple, cinnamon spice EVERYTHING. However, I used restraint since it is still 90+ degrees outside. I did throw in some peanut butter, chocolate, and banana combos into the mix with a chocolate peanut butter banana bread, a salted caramel cashew banana bread and a chocolate peanut butter tart with with a pretzel crust. That is as close as I am getting to warm flavors while it is still so warm. Another new item is a honey cashew baklava bun. Baklava flavors but nestled inside my kolache dough in bun form with a cinnamon and orange blossom glaze. Yum! This is so much fun... :) Hope everyone is having a great week!

August 27th Market Menu

As summer comes to a close I can't help but perpetuate my berry and lemon trend.  The last few rays of summer have continued to shine here at the Bakehouse!  Jack and I are headed to the beach to celebrate the fact that school is starting and we are not, so I am not getting too fancy or making too many changes.  What I am SUPER excited about is brainstorming fall menus though... I haven't decided when to make the switch... September, October 1 or wait until the first cool front blows through?  Hmmm. Soon!  Here is the menu:

August 20th Market Menu!

Howdy everyone!  Here is the menu for the market this weekend!  If there is something that I can do for you that is not on the menu, give me a shout a couple days in advance and I will make it happen for you.  Cheers!

August 13th Menu!

Here is the menu for this coming week!  I have always been posting on Facebook but have come to realize that not everyone is a Facebooker.... so I will start posting here on my Blog as well.  I will be at the market this coming weekend but am currently researching Fall festivals and might start branching out soon once the weather turns.  There are so many different ones!  I can't wait for cooler days and spicier baked goods... cinnamon and nutmeg, apples and pumpkin, caramel and ginger... Yum!  It's my absolute most favorite baking season and its getting so much closer!  Until then.... 

July 30th: Tasting Party!!!

In case you haven't heard, Bluebird Bakehouse is taking flight and is continuing the bakery full time!  In celebration, we are throwing a party here in Richmond and baking over a dozen of the summer's greatest hits!  Mark your calendars for July 30th from 6-10 pm!  It is a come and go event so bring a date, your girlfriends or snag your mom and come and enjoy an evening with us!  Tickets are $25 and can be purchased at the Saturday market, in the hood, or via Paypal.   Here is the menu: 


Summer Update

After 6 weeks at the market I am so in love.  I love all this baking craziness so, so very much.  I always have but to wake up each day and to live it again is the best.  I love the people I meet, the love that I get to share, and the really killer bake goods coming out of my ovens.  But it IS crazy.  It's crazy cool and crazy hard sometimes too.  It's also a bit crazy scary because I am taking this thing full time and will definitely not be returning to teaching in the fall.  I can't.  My soul would whither and die if this creativity and love were gone again.  SO, I am taking all this passion and leaping.  This little bluebird is going to take flight and do her thing.  I will be taking this next year and spending it working from home, selling at the market and hanging with my 3 year old side kick, baker boy Jack.  A year from now, I'll see where I am at with this adventure and reevaluate.  

Keep checking back for updates on baking classes, tasting parties and fun events.  My menu has been changing ALL the time because I just can't help trying new things.  You can order anything that you see and if you have seen it before and loved it but it isn't on the menu... message me and I will make it happen!  I will accommodate all special orders to the best of my abilities within the time constraints of my baking schedule.