I can’t believe that this is the third annual holiday menu! When I started Bluebird Bakehouse in the summer of 2016, I was hoping to get at least get 6 months with my son before having to return to the “real world”. Little did I know that almost 3 years later that I would still be baking up a storm! What an incredible adventure that started with one tiny, little shaking step of faith, that included an email to quit my teaching gig, turned out to be. Each and every single month the Lord has shown up in my life and brought me exactly what I have needed. Whether it be rest or my next big event that pays my mortgage, HE has shown up faithfully and continued to grow my business and fill it with the joy to spread to those that order from the bakery for their celebrations, parties and big events. I couldn’t be more blessed and grateful to offer this seasons menu for those that need a bit of love and soul in their holiday gatherings this year. If there is anything I can get in the oven for you- give me a shout!