Happy Fall ya'll!!!  We launched a second market this past weekend at the Fulshear Farmers Market!  The people were great, the other vendors were awesome, the vibes were super chill...  However, it was brutally hot and sales were not were they needed to be to make this market permanent BUT we are not giving up just yet.  Our plans are to give the market the month of October and if all goes well, we would love to call Fulshear our second home.  

With the changing of the weather this week I have no doubt that October is going to be a rocking month at the Bakehouse.  With the addition of a second market and TWO festivals coming up this month, it is going to be quite busy here on the home front.  October the 8th and 9th we will be a vendor at the Katy Rice Harvest Festival and will not be at either Sugar Land or Fulshear Markets nor will be taking any special orders.  Instead, I will be dipping 1000 cake pops, wrapping 300+ caramel apples, cutting 250 (or more brownies) and wading my way through 50+ pans of holiday marshmallows.  

Speaking of holiday marshmallows... I just made my first test batches this afternoon and couldn't be more exciting to slice into them after they have had their 4 hour curing time.  The flavors you ask!???!?!??  Pumpkin Pie (with real pumpkin and pumpkin pie spice), Gingerbread (with flecks of candied ginger and molasses in the mix), Spicy Chai (real tea is brewed and fresh spices are coating every last inch of fluffy goodness), Peppermint stick (because I can't wait to put one in some hot chocolate), and Vanilla bean (for all the kiddos that can handle my crazy combos).  While I used a basic marshmallow recipe- all of the flavor additions were my own creativity in the works and I have no idea how the proportions of flavors are going to turn out- thought I would do a test run BEFORE making 50 pans of them for this next week at the festival.  You can buy one of my test runs at the markets this weekend for only $1 each.  Come on out and cast your vote.