After 6 weeks at the market I am so in love.  I love all this baking craziness so, so very much.  I always have but to wake up each day and to live it again is the best.  I love the people I meet, the love that I get to share, and the really killer bake goods coming out of my ovens.  But it IS crazy.  It's crazy cool and crazy hard sometimes too.  It's also a bit crazy scary because I am taking this thing full time and will definitely not be returning to teaching in the fall.  I can't.  My soul would whither and die if this creativity and love were gone again.  SO, I am taking all this passion and leaping.  This little bluebird is going to take flight and do her thing.  I will be taking this next year and spending it working from home, selling at the market and hanging with my 3 year old side kick, baker boy Jack.  A year from now, I'll see where I am at with this adventure and reevaluate.  

Keep checking back for updates on baking classes, tasting parties and fun events.  My menu has been changing ALL the time because I just can't help trying new things.  You can order anything that you see and if you have seen it before and loved it but it isn't on the menu... message me and I will make it happen!  I will accommodate all special orders to the best of my abilities within the time constraints of my baking schedule.